10 Changes That Happen When You Become A Vegan – Veganism

Being vegan or even vegetarian is a lifestyle with sects of people around the world. Culturally and as a personal preference people enjoy being on a vegan diet. There are several benefits of being a vegan. However, some not so pleasant things happen when you first change over your food. There are also some inclusions that need to be made into your diet-plan to sustain the lifestyle. Adopting the vegan lifestyle is a passionate choice that you would need to make. Along with the passion comes a learning curve that you should be prepared to undertake. Here are ten effects that occur when you decide to become a vegan and stay healthy.

  1. The lifestyle is entirely plant-based – There is no chance that you can sneak in some dairy or meat on one occasion or two and call yourself a vegan. Eating only vegetables and fruits means that you are depriving your body of many essential nutrients that you have received from meat before. Therefore, balancing your diet is important in the fruit and vegetable section.
  2. Weight loss – While many people think that the diet is the best way you would lose weight, the chances of losing weight is only a possibility. Even if you do lose weight, it would only be a marginal difference. So, no, the diet is not a weight loss one.
  3. Frequent bathroom trips – When you are new to the diet, and you have been giving your body so much of water-based foods, the chances are that you will make frequent bathroom trips. The amount of roughage in your food will also cause you to visit the toilet a few times in the day.
  4. Be prepared to be very hungry – Meat can curb hunger for a long time because of the protein that it contains. However, plant-based foods are digested very quickly, and you will need to replenish your craving for food often.
  5. Feeling gassy or bloated – These are common feelings that will go away once your body is used to the diet and the change. To avoid this, vegans are encouraged to drink enough water.
  6. Gut Bacteria – The type of bacteria in your intestines and stomach lining is mainly dependent on the food you consume. Eating a pure vegan diet will change the bacteria, and you might have some digestive setbacks.
  7. A burst of Energy – The vegan diet is very easy for the body to process after it has spent years handling Therefore, when your body processes the light nature of the food, you will find that a burst of energy occurs.
  8. You may gain weight – While most people think that they will lose weight while they are vegans, not everyone will be able to lose weight. Many people might have the opposite happen for them.
  9. Lower risk of heart disease – It is no secret that meats are high in cholesterol and they are the first thing that doctors ban for people who are at risk of getting heart disease. With a vegan diet, the chances of heart disease are lowered.
  10. Tired – When you start your vegan lifestyle, yes you will feel tired. However, this will only last a few days to a week and then once your body is assimilated to the diet, energy is your best friend.