6 Shocking Unhealthy Vegan Foods

Going on a vegan diet is a common feat in today’s society. However, cutting out animal products such as meat, and poultry can be quite severe. But there are some pros to adopting a vegan lifestyle. Upon taking a vegan diet, many individuals found that they improved their health benefits. Studies also say that taking up on a vegan diet eliminates a significant source of saturated fat from your food and adds fiber from the vegetables as an alternative. So going vegan means that you have a low risk of high cholesterol and heart diseases.

One of the more vital things to note when taking a vegan diet is that you won’t see the result as soon as you begin the diet. Going vegan doesn’t necessarily make you healthier either. One of the problems in today’s world is that our food is more processed rather than natural, with a chemical that is inserted continuously to make the product look more appealing to the buyer. This means that eating a tofu dinner at your favorite Chinese restaurant mays seem to be the better choice, but in reality, it is the exact opposite.

So before taking up a vegan diet, it is essential that you learn to read the signs and decide if the food is indeed vegan. Here a couple of vegan foods and products that everyone needs to watch out for.

Frozen Fake Meats

One of the most significant and least healthy vegan foods that you can find at a supermarket is frozen fake meat. Products Similar to the ‘no-chicken chicken nuggets’ aren’t the healthiest choice. Substitutes and alternatives to meats are usually high in sodium, so checking the label to see the if the product has less than 400g of sodium per serving is suggested.

Tofu Deli Meats

Deli meats are not very healthy for you, and surprisingly vegan deli meat isn’t that healthy either. Similar to identifying and choosing your fake meats at a supermarket, look for products that are lower than 400g in sodium. Meat-free alternatives are found to be high in both sodium and sugar, which is not healthy.

Vegan Desserts

The major problem with eating vegan foods is that the majority is unhealthy. This is the case with vegan desserts. Vegan desserts are more harmful and not healthy than traditional chocolate mousse and cake. When producers and manufacturers take away the butter and eggs from the recipe, they usually use gums and starches as an alternative. These alternatives are added to make the product taste the same and to achieve the perfect consistency of the dessert. However, eating these products can increase your calorie and sugar intake.

Veggie chips

The fact that veggie chips are healthy for you is based on a hoax. Veggie chips are as harmful as a packet of regular salt filled chips. This is because the veggies are fried and topped with salt. When you are shopping for veggie chips, look for kale, or beetroot chips as they don’t have extra seasonings. Eating a product with seasoning increases the sugar and calories that are in the product. So making veggie chips at home in an oven with olive oil and a bit of salt can help save yourself from a lot of calories.