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The Misconception That the Vegan Diet is Environmentally Friendly

With all the massive marketing campaigns and fancy restaurants popping up everywhere to promote the vegan lifestyle, the truth behind the lifestyle prompts a different story. Is the lifestyle supporting the environment as some people tend to believe, or is the lifestyle one that people can sustain over a period? Delving deep into the truth, […]

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Veganism Discrimination in The Workplace

Being a vegan is a life preference that anyone is allowed to adopt. Facing comments of discrimination by the public and especially in the workplace should be considered when you make the change as well. People in general love to pass their opinions about what they think and go as far as passing judgment on […]

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For the Love of Ink and Food – Vegan Tattoos

Tattoo parlors are becoming increasingly popular over the last decade, and almost every consenting adult wants to carry at least a small emblem on their bodies, to depict patterns that mean something to them. As a vegan, you probably wonder if the tattoo industry is vegan-friendly and how right you are to wonder if they […]

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