Introducing Your Child to the Vegan Lifestyle

Participating in a vegan diet can help meet the nutritional needs of the entire family. It is healthy, and conservative to the environment. However, introducing your child to a change like this can be quite troublesome. But it can show your child the wide variety of plant food that is available. Teaching children to lead vegan lives can also lead them to make compassionate choices. However, it is essential to start teaching your child at an early age as it will get them used to the routine.

Early Months

It is crucial that you breastfeed your child for the first six months. This is because most of the development and setting will take place. Breastfeeding until two years of age improves not only the immune system but also the child’s IQ. If your baby is following the vegan lifestyle and is being breastfed, you should start giving them Vitamin D drops from the day that they are born. Vitamin D3 is a vegan-friendly nutrient and is found in lichen. In case of inability to breastfeed, using a soy-based baby formal as an alternative is an option.

First Food

Waiting until your baby is six months of age before introducing food into their diet is recommended. If you are thinking of including foods between the ages of 4 – 6 months, it is essential that you choose how to do it. You can easily feed a baby by mashing foods and feeding with a spoon. However, there is a different approach, you can let the child explore different foods by themselves by just providing them with soft finger foods such as tofu or beans

One to Four Years Old

Once your baby learns to adjust to eating vegan-friendly food, you can make changes to their diet. By balancing their diet, they will gradually learn to eat the same foods as you do by the age of five. However, some issues include the small appetites and the frequency of the meals. Children need many snacks and meals and are known sometimes to have small appetites. Ensuring that your child eats foods that are high in nutritional value is important. For some vegan foods are known to be unhealthy though they are said to be otherwise. After this age, your child will be eating the same foods as you and will lead a healthy and happy vegan lifestyle.

Allergies and Issues with a Vegan Lifestyle

One of the most crucial and crucial things to do before you introduce your child to a Vegan lifestyle it is essential that you check their allergies. Much of vegan food include peanuts and pine nuts as they are a source of protein. In some cases, if your child eats the wrong product and gets an allergic reaction, the chances are that it will be severe as their immunity isn’t as built. If under any circumstance, this occurs, seeing a doctor or using the prescribed medication would be recommended. Once you have used the medication, and the situation has not yet resolved, rush to the emergency room as they are more equipped to handle situations such as this.