The Germans Think Veganism is Dangerous – Vegan Lifestyle

The vegan diet has become very popular in Germany over the last few years. Berlin saw a remarkable rise in the number of vegans to adopt the lifestyle and this prompted the government to look at the diet and conclude that the lifestyle might be dangerous. The dangers, however, are only toward pregnant women and children who follow the diet. Many parents who force their children to eat a plant-based diet alone are not doing anything that might help with their growth and development, contrary to popular belief.

Berlin was one of the top countries in Europe to propagate the vegan lifestyle. It was a shocking statement when the country declared its findings when it came to health. Over 10 percent of Berlin follow the vegan diet today, and vegan shops are establishing themselves throughout Berlin almost every day. The Vegan Sommerfest is also set to be hosted in Belin and is one of the largest festivals that promote the vegan lifestyle. The foods that the Germans have been able to explore when it comes to the vegan lifestyle has by far been astounding that critics have been shocked at their levels of research and development in the arena. Therefore, when a forerunner in the vegan lifestyle is the whistleblower to the negatives of the lifestyle, it is shocking and something that the rest of the world might want to consider.

The Truth About the Vegan Diet

Devouring a purely plant-based diet is healthy alright. However, there are also deprivations it causes the body, especially when it comes to providing all the trace nutrients that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Most people think that they can help the environment and save the planet if they adopt the vegan lifestyle, however, not staying healthy while saving the world defeats its purpose. One of the primary deficiencies that occur when you go on the vegan diet is the Vitamin B12 one. The lack can cause brain damage, induce depression and psychosis. The condition is not happy news for pregnant women who are carrying the smallest humans and for parents with young children.

All women who are pregnant are usually given multivitamins for their growing babies and their changing bodies. These vitamins specifically designed for women have more Vitamin B12 in them that the usual multivitamins that are taken outside pregnancy. Therefore, while the concern of being a vegan is scary, a good multivitamin is essential. The other deficiency to worry about is the Vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, pregnant women have to make sure that their diet and multivitamins have enough of the necessary stuff to develop healthy babies. The same goes for parents who are feeding their children a vegan range of foods. Ensuring that children eat all the foods that are included in the vegan lifestyle is very important. That includes nuts, seeds apart from non-dairy foods that are fortified with calcium, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If necessary, children should also be given supplements that can help with their extensive requirements.