Veganism Discrimination in The Workplace

Being a vegan is a life preference that anyone is allowed to adopt. Facing comments of discrimination by the public and especially in the workplace should be considered when you make the change as well. People in general love to pass their opinions about what they think and go as far as passing judgment on your choices. Sometimes, it just takes a single thing that people at work would use to hurt and tarnish your reputation in the workplace. Jealously has a significant role to play in the way you are mistreated at work. Your lifestyle merely is fuel to the fire that is already existing. Several choices are available for those who are vegans at the workplace and how they can deal with comments and discrimination.

  1. Be Yourself and More – When it comes to your choices, remember that you have the right to live the way you wish to live and no one has the right to pass judgment on your preferences. Be genuine with your approach o veganism. If you are not entirely vegan, then be frank about that as well. This gives less room for the bullies to attack as well. Also, remember to respect what you feel in front of others so they will do the same for you too.
  2. Draw the Line Early – Do not sit back and shy away from offensive comments about your lifestyle choices. There is a very line between harassment and fun. Identify it and deal with it as soon as it happens. When you stay quiet about what happens, the perpetrator often carries on with their actions, and it could become severe too fast. Remember that if you are being teased for your choices, it means that you are being harassed and you have to make sure you report the incidents or immediately ask the perpetrator to stop.
  3. Try Informal Solutions First – While taking the matter to the higher-ups is one way to stop the issue entirely, not everyone might be comfortable with making it as big a deal, yet. Most often, people who make these comments about your vegan choices are not aware that it is offensive. Therefore, you can try an informal approach to teaching them about veganism. Before you prepare the choir, always make sure you are entirely educated with all possible questions that they might have. You can also show them vegan-friendly foods and teach them how it can be both delicious as well as satisfying. More than anything else, stay calm when you are informing and educating others.
  4. Follow Protocol – If you realize that the teasing is more than just curiosity and has an underlying bullying aspect, always make sure you follow the company protocol about reporting. You can make it a legal issue if you have to. At the end of it, always remember that you need a resolution to the teasing or bullying.
  5. The Law – According to the law, you are allowed to have your own beliefs and follow any lifestyle choices you wish to. This includes your choice of being a vegan. Therefore, the law is by your side to protect you in case you need to take serious action. Employers should also be wary of employees choices in food and provide an atmosphere clear from discrimination. Therefore, most often, your company will be able to give you the support you require to continue making your vegan choices and help in educating the others who don’t seem to understand.