The Misconception That the Vegan Diet is Environmentally Friendly

With all the massive marketing campaigns and fancy restaurants popping up everywhere to promote the vegan lifestyle, the truth behind the lifestyle prompts a different story. Is the lifestyle supporting the environment as some people tend to believe, or is the lifestyle one that people can sustain over a period?

10 Changes That Happen When You Become A Vegan – Veganism

Being vegan or even vegetarian is a lifestyle with sects of people around the world. Culturally and as a personal preference people enjoy being on a vegan diet. There are several benefits of being a vegan. However, some not so pleasant things happen when you first change over your food. There are also some inclusions that need to be made into your diet-plan to sustain the lifestyle. Adopting the vegan lifestyle is a passionate choice that you would need to make. Along with the passion comes a learning curve that you should be prepared to undertake. Here are ten effects that occur when you decide to become a vegan and stay healthy. Read more...